BUY & SELL:LOOSE DIAMONDS Through our own network of suppliers and contacts developed in Japan we are able to procure a large quantity of high quality fine jewelry in a variety of designs in order to meet the needs of our customers

20 years of experience, carefully selected, high quality diamonds.

Since our establishment, we've placed a focus on developing our own sales and procurement line, including a strict checking process that ensures we keep only high quality loose diamonds in our stock.

A good stock of 1ct up GIA goods, highly popular in Hong Kong and India

Starting with Japan, we created a strong relationship with jewelry makers and manufacturers in order to ensure a steady volume and range of good quality loose diamonds. Within that supply we make sure to stock the especially popular 1ct up GIA certified goods.

Membership to various accredited organizations

In order to provide our clients with quality assurance and reliability, NET JAPAN (HONG KONG) has membership to various diamond and jewelry associations and organizations. Including,the WFDB, HKJMA, JJA, RJC etc.

Auctions 3 times a year and Exhibitions
in Hong Kong / Overseas

We are regular participants of various exhibitions and in addition, we also hold auctions 3 times a year in collaboration with other companies.


Every year in March, June, and September, in association with our partner companies, we hold a loose diamond auction that boasts $15M+ worth of goods.

※ Please visit the NJKP AUCTION website on the right for more details
  and information on participation.


■ We regularly participate in diamond and jewelry shows in Hong Kong and around the world.
Japan: International Jewellery Fair (Tokyo, Kobe, and Yokohama), 
Japan Jewellery Fair (Tokyo) / TAIWAN: Jewellery & Gem Fair
BANGKOK: Gem & Jewellery Fair / SINGAPORE: Jewellery & Gem Fair