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Pearl is on sale in JAPAN

Pearl is on sale in JAPAN
Thank you for continuous support to NJ, we would like to update information regarding pearl sales.
Loose pearl is now available at the Osaka branch in Japan, and we will let you know if stocks get ready to be sales item in Hong Kong office.
Here are types of pearl that we are carrying right now at Osaka branch.
South sea pearl
Over than 1,000 pieces of pearl in size of 9-18mm, had been selected out as new products based on meticulous checking.White color is to be majority for the coming sale, certainly, golden one and Tahiti pearl are ready for you to check it out.

Japanese Akoya pearl
Total of more than 20,000 pieces of loose Akoya pearl and 1,000 strings will be starting on sale in March.

If you are looking for pearl that is full of personal character, such as baroque and keishi (no core inside) or product with certification, please feel free to contact NJHK jewelry team through email j-site@net-japan.com.hk
Osaka branch’s detail is as follows.

Thank you for your reading and understanding.