■ Privacy Policy

NET JAPAN (HONG KONG) Co.,Ltd, hereto known as “the Company”, will follow the guidelines listed below in the
handling of client and customer information in order to ensure the privacy of all customers.

The Company will not use customer information for any other purposes than the ones stated below

  • in compliance with the laws, we may need to confirm custome r information in the buying and selling of used and pre-owned items
  • in order to facilitate the communication of notices and other related news to customers
  • in order to collect opinions and data for further analysis in client satisfaction and marketing
  • for risk management and credit administration purposes

Personal information management

All personal details and information of clients will be appropriately managed in accordance with all internal rules and regulations of the Company. Any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or leaks of personal information will promptly be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Use of personal information

The Company will only use this information in accordance to [1] as stipulated in this policy. However, in the chance of use other than those stated in [1], the Company will notify clients prior to any changes made to the policy and also inform them of the new guidelines. In the case policy and also inform them of the new guidelines. In the case promptly dealt with and destroyed so as to ensure the privacy of customers is protected.

Sharing information with 3rd parties

Unless in the following cases, the Company will never disclose personal information to 3rd partiess

  • The customer agrees to the disclosure of information to another
  • In the case of outsourcing part or all of the business in relation to the handling of personal information (however, the Company will strive for adequate supervision over contractors in order to ensure the  protection of information)
  • For the purposes of statistical data collection from the state whereby an identity needs confirmation
  • If it is necessary to provide such information according to the provisions and regulations of law
  • In the case of bodily harm or loss of life and consent from the person in question cannot be obtained
  • In matters pertaining to cooperation with local or national government whereby seeking consent could hinder the process

Inquiries regarding the use of personal information

Please contact our General Affairs department for any requests of disclosure regarding the purposes, corrections, additions, eliminations, prohibitions, 3rd party offers, or any such issues and concerns of information collection.