BUY & SELL:FINE JEWELRY Through our own network of suppliers and contacts developed in Japan we are able to procure a large quantity of high quality fine jewelry in a variety of designs in order to meet the needs of our customers

Starting domestically in Japan, we created our own path to becoming a reputed second-hand jeweller with high quality goods

The 1980s in Japan was a time when gem stone and fine jewelry sales were booming. From these end consumers and jewelry manufacturers, our company is able to grab 60% of Japan's market share in recycled precious metals and gems. We routinely pick up a large number of high end jewelry of such good quality that you would never know was recycled.

A network of 14 branches around Japan and 5 overseas branches providing an assortment of goods

We regularly carry goods that prove to be timeless designs as their popularity is never influenced by fashion trends. These popular pieces are favourites among industry people and so we ensure availability using our large network of suppliers. We always strive to meet the needs of all our clients.

Popular jewelry pieces at reasonable prices

Jade pendants and coral rings are amongst the best sellers in Hong Kong.

For standard items

※Prices may differ even for pieces of the same design or color.
  • ■ Jade / Coral / Diamond / Emerald / Ruby / Sapphire etc
  • ■ Rings / Necklaces / Pendants / Bracelets etc.

Overseas exhibitions and quarterly shows in Hong Kong

Every year we participate in all 4 jewelry shows held in Hong Kong as well as in various overseas exhibitions as well.
We display thousands of items which garner great interest and reactions.

HongKong -香港-

MARCH International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show
International Jewellery Show
JUNE Jewellery & Gem Fair
SEPTEMBER Jewellery & Gem Fair
NOVEMBER International Jewelry Manufacturers' Show

Overseas -海外展示会-

JAPAN International Jewellery Fair (Tokyo, Kobe, Yokohama), 
Japan Jewellery Fair (Tokyo)
TAIWAN Jewellery & Gem Fair
BANGKOK Gem & Jewellery Fair
SINGAPORE Jewellery & Gem Fair